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Gary Green

Saturday, May 27, 2006 

...When Thomas Koet and Jill Smith Built the World's Largest Sand Castle

It's a great day when you discover a talent you never knew you had. Jill had a friend who built sand structures for a hobby, and decided to help out one day as a "shoveller." Soon enough, she was on her own with a sand sculpting company and ten tons of sand in her backyard. She was working on a sculpture in Belgium when she met Thomas. The two fell in love, and they live and create together in Florida, spending part of each year at Thomas's hometown in The Netherlands.

Jill and Thomas were part of a team that built the world's largest sand sculpture overseas. When I asked Jill if it was hard for them to watch their structrues destroyed after the long days of work poured into them, her answer was, "No, it's great! It means job security!"

Thomas and Jill were two of my favorite "Secret" guests and I hope everyone reading with check out their home page, which includes a large gallery with lots of their finished works. Prepare to spend some time there.

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