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Tuesday, May 30, 2006 

...When "Unknown Caller" Refuses to Give Up on Me

Ghost ship hits port with eleven petrified corpses. Michael could make a great movie out of this! - The Guardian

Check out these fantastic pumpkins from carver extraordinaire, Nathan Weslin -

Comic book heroine Batwoman is to make a comeback as a "lipstick lesbian" who moonlights as a crime fighter, a DC Comics spokesman has confirmed. - BBC News

Blacklight tattoos at

Saturday, May 27, 2006 

...When Thomas Koet and Jill Smith Built the World's Largest Sand Castle

It's a great day when you discover a talent you never knew you had. Jill had a friend who built sand structures for a hobby, and decided to help out one day as a "shoveller." Soon enough, she was on her own with a sand sculpting company and ten tons of sand in her backyard. She was working on a sculpture in Belgium when she met Thomas. The two fell in love, and they live and create together in Florida, spending part of each year at Thomas's hometown in The Netherlands.

Jill and Thomas were part of a team that built the world's largest sand sculpture overseas. When I asked Jill if it was hard for them to watch their structrues destroyed after the long days of work poured into them, her answer was, "No, it's great! It means job security!"

Thomas and Jill were two of my favorite "Secret" guests and I hope everyone reading with check out their home page, which includes a large gallery with lots of their finished works. Prepare to spend some time there.

Friday, May 26, 2006 

...When I'm Reading an E-mail from Silly Sally the Clown, Who Wants a New Website

Bob Barker: "I have been told that on The Price is Right, the ONE DOLLAR BID is Mean but that the Two Dollar Bid is THE MEANEST!

We are now passing "It's a Small World." "It's a Small World" opened forty years ago this Sunday, May 28, and has been driving people batty ever since -

Best Headline of the Day - Strippers Fight Outside Burning Club - with great video of flames engulfing a building, followed by a close up of stiletto heels, the hearty sun blocked out by choking black smoke, a fireman draining his hose, and handcuffed bare-belly wig-strappin booty-licious trash getting hauled off to the pokey - Link Here

Six years old, four foot seven, 210 pounds. No, it's not Bobby Chrstina, it's Dzhambulat! The next generation in Russian tanks! Link Here

The Girl Next Door! The Dreamer! The Partier! The Career Girl! Right now, they only hate themselves, but soon, thanks to ABC's "How to Get the Guy, we'll learn to hate them as well. Tick tock tick tock... who will get the guy? Who will achieve a greater sense of self-respect. Who will be the first to end up at the bottom of the pool???? Link Here

Thursday, May 25, 2006 

...When the Out-of-Town Gays Are Collecting for Memorial Day

While other, lesser-celebrated blogs are hanging up the OUT TO LUNCH sign for the Memorial Day Weekend, rest assured, I will be blogging away as usual with rich, endlessly-fasinating prose, side-splitting images, video clips and hotties by the dozen (in other words, I have no plans).

Gay Catholic school teacher fired in Las Vegas for his MySpace profile. He's attracted to baseball-cap wearing, Wrangler-drivers into meditation, progressive politics and and hiking. How they ever figured out he was gay is beyond me. Click here for the Aritcle. Click here for the profile, or if you know of any open teaching jobs.

The Human Clock - shows a photograph of the current time, with the photo changing every minute of the day (all 1,440 occuring minutes on Earth!) Thus you end up with a rotating picture clock sorta deal.

There are clock pictures from all over the world ranging from Outback Australia to Canada to Pakistan to Antarctica to Italy to Brazil. Other people travel around the American Southwest and end up taking a clock photo on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. There are even enough clock photos now to have pictures from Phoenix Arizona, Tacoma, Philadelphia, Atlanta, LA, and Northern California.

This guy has no real explanation as to why this site exists, but I have no real explanation for receommending it other than I was at it for half an hour today.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006 


"Honesty is the best policy. We had a show last week that laid the biggest bomb! I've seen bombs in my day, but this one made the H-bomb look like a two-inch salute."

Comedian Jackie Gleason returned to national television after a two-year absence as host of the panel show You're in the Picture, a show that would last for only one episode, inspire a live thirty minute apology by Gleason the following week, and lead to an all-out war of the wills with CBS

On the deubt episode, four celebrity panelists (including Pat Harrington, Jr. and Pat Carroll, later known to the world as the voice of Ursula the Sea Witch) put their heads through a giant painting, seven feet high and ten feet wide.

The panelists were not able to see the paintings within which they were framed. The five used that night were Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini, Goldilocks and the Three Beats, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Pocahontas Resuces John Smith and (pictured) The Burlesque Beef Trust Girls.

Gleason would give the panel a single clue as to the identity of the painting and the panelists would, in turn, ask questions about what he or she was doing in the picture.

The show was clearly cooked up to suck off some of the success of established panel shows I've Got a Secret and What's My Line. However, the lack of an average joe contestat to root for, panelists being virtually imprisoned behing the wall of a set, unable to gesture or create any physical funny business, plus the fact that Gleason had never warmed to the concept himself, led to a painfully pitiful half-hour of television.

But Gleason was still at the top of his game in 1961, and what he did the following week probably saved his career. Read the full story here.


...When The Iced Red Eyes I Make at Home Put the Starbucks Effect Out of Play

And this morning I am...

Grateful for my successes.

Accepting that which is out of my control.

Thank You for Being a Friend...
"It's a bizarre twist on the Capra classic Arsenic and Old Lace. Two little old ladies have been accused of giving homeless men a place to stay, only to
collect millions upon their deaths from insurance companies.
Helen Golay, 75, and Olga Rutterschmidt, 72, had a system. They would befriend homeless men and offer them apartments. Once they gained their trust, they would get them to open several insurance policies naming the women as beneficiaries." - Link

David Hasselhoff returns to television, remarkably, in a show that has the word "talent" in the title. The line separating reality from fantasy goes on permanent hiatus - Link

Sunday, May 21, 2006 

The TPIR Hotties of the Week

If you're in the Los Angeles area, and would like to be on The Price is Right, unless you're in the military or wearing a shirt with a humorous message about controlling the pet population spelled out in puffy paint, you'd better be under the age of 23 or over the age of 90.

#1 Joel

Hit on Barker's Beuaties. Won a tacky oak bedroom set on Push Over.

#2 Amir

Responded to every one of Bob's questions with the word, "Wooohooowooo!"

#3 Damien

Didn't win anything.

#4 Guy in Audience

Nice arms. Apparently he's a swimmer.

#5 Alice

Tripped and fell on her way up to the stage. Won her game, but didn't realize it until Bob yelled it into her ear, despite the fact that the audience was going nuts. Swimmer Boy gets more air time. My arms are better than his.

Saturday, May 20, 2006 

Triple Crown Lost - Barbaro Loses the Preakness with Life-Threatening Leg Injury

Friday, May 19, 2006 

...When the Contestants Get Surly on TPIR

Longtime watchers of The Price is Right know there are certain tricks one can use to their own advantage to quickly exit out of contestants row and get up to the stage with Bob and play for big prizes.

One of the tried-and-true jimmies of the trade is to outbid a competitor by only one dollar, thus shutting them out completely save for the slim chance they actually bid the exact dollar amount of the prize, which we all know, happens only rarely.

Early in the run of the show, this never happened, but somewhere along the lines, a contestat came on down, figured out this was an effective way to shut out at least one of his competitiors and increase his own odds of the big win. It's been going on regularly ever since, for years now, and generally the contestant who's been victimized by this dirty but acceptable practice, will be very respectful and sportsmanlike about the whole thing.

Until this week...

The producers don't even have time to display the dude's bid of $651 before the girl who bid $650 is all over him like a cat on a canary

Click here to see the dirty deed in all it's glory!

The dude actually makes it to stage with this bid and wins a new car! The girl gets up to the stage on the next bid, and wins a crappy dinette set. So goes the world!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 

...When It's Easier to Pic Than Post Part 2


...When I Gave in to the Lord of the Carbs and Ordered Up Chicken Ravioli for Dinner

From Neatorama, Sato Shintaro’s Twilight Zone (Tokyo and Osaka at Night). "These shots were taken in the streets of Tokyo and Osaka at night , and in them I have avoided the more aesthetically pleasing locations such as seaside areas and the well-known "subcenters" in favor of the everyday disorder of the streets. Take a brightly-lit busy street bustling with people and remove the people: the purpose of the lighting is lost and only the glow remains - providing a glimpse of the streets we know well from a less familiar perspective." For more, click here.

This is EXPEDITION EVEREST, the latest Disney thrill ride on the boards. This one is inhabiting DisneyWorld's Animal Kingdon sub-part, and The Re-Imagineering Blog has something to say about it. And, for a change, it's actually something positive. More pics can be found here.

Soma FM is listener-supported, commercial-free, underground/alternative radio broadcasting from San Francisco. I've had it on all day and plan to have it on all night. The site carries nine stations:

SPACE STATION SOMA - Tune in, turn on, space out. Spaced-out ambient and mid-tempo electronica
GROOVE SALAD - A nicely chilled plate of ambient beats and grooves.
SECRET AGENT (my personal preference) - The soundtrack for your stylish, mysterious, dangerous life. For Spies and PIs too!
ILLINOIS STREET LOUNGE - Classic bachelor pad, playful exotica and vintage music of tomorrow.
INDIE POP ROCKS - Your favorite classic indie pop tracks.
BEAT BLENDER - A late night blend of deep-house and downtempo chill.
CLIQHOP - Blips'n'beeps backed mostly w/beats. Intelligent Dance Music.
DRONE ZONE - Served best chilled, safe with most medications. Atmospheric textures with minimal beats.
TAG'S TRANCE TRIP - Progressive house / trance. Tip top tunes.

As I type, there are 2658 people listening. This one is worth the look, the bookmark, and the return visits. Click Here!

Sunday, May 14, 2006 

...When Al Gore Was President

YouTube will no doubt eradiacte all the uploads of last night's SNL opening, which featured a hilarious "alternate USA reality" featuring "winner" of the 2000 Presidential election, Al Gore. A good move on not only the part of the future Gore campaign, but also the Democratic Party in general to nag the opening segment of a sweeps ep of what will no doubt be one of the highest-rated SNL's of the season (starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who was great. I'm actually considering tuning into The New Adventures of Christine now.)

Should YouTube drop the links, you can check out the skit at Crooks and Liars. Long live Commissioner of Baseball George W. Bush!


More Pics from Tim Devine's Disney Photo Blog

I'm so in love with my own personal pics from DL, until I hit Tim's blog and see some really spectactular shots captured. I will alawys be something of an amateur compared to him.

Check out Tim's newly revised site and be sure to check out all his archives for an endless surplus of Fantastic Disney pics. He's got a great eye!

Saturday, May 13, 2006 

....When Terence Trent D'Arby Became Sananda Maitreya

The song I have not been able to stop playing for the last month has been "If You Let Me Stay" by Terence Trent D'Arby, an artist whose brilliant work was often eclipsed (certainly with me when he first hit radio) by his gratingly obscene ego. If you're not familiar, and like what you hear below, make the worthy purchase of his two best albums, Introducing the Hardline... and Symphony or Damn. Here's the backstory:

D'Arby's debut album, Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D'Arby, released in 1987, is his best-known and, in commercial terms, most successful work. The album, which produced such hits as "If You Let Me Stay" "Wishing Well" "Dance Little Sister" and "Sign Your Name" sold over a million copies in the first three days of its release, and its sales currently total over 12 million. The album also earned D'Arby a Grammy Award in March 1988 in the category Best R&B Vocal Performance, Male.

D'Arby's follow-up was the somewhat more experimental and serious Neither Fish Nor Flesh: A Soundtrack of Love, Faith, Hope & Destruction (1989). It gathered generally hostile reviews from the critics, and was not commercially as successful as its predecessor. With a bloated self-important title like that, one can see why.

It took four more years and a move to Los Angeles until his next project, Symphony or Damn (1993) was released. The record touched many of the issues that had been raised also in Neither Fish Nor Flesh, but was musically more straightforward and rocky than its predecessors (best track - "She Kissed Me"). It gathered favourable reviews and gained much airplay in major music stations.

In 1995 D'Arby released Vibrator, which largely followed Symphony or Damn in its musical direction. Also it was well received, but like the previous album, failed to reinstate the artist back to the public status that he had enjoyed at the time of his first release.

During the 1990s the relations between D'Arby and his record label Columbia Records had became strained, eventually leading to his departure in 1996. This was followed by a four-year spell, during which he recorded Terence Trent D'Arby's Solar Return, which was not released. In 2000, he bought the rights to the album, and left the record company.

In 1999, D'Arby was briefly hired by INXS to replace his friend, late vocalist Michael Hutchence, so the band could play at the opening of facilities for the Sydney Olympics.

Meanwhile the artist, still known as Terence Trent D'Arby, had as a result of a series of dreams, adapted to use the name Sananda Maitreya. His name was legally changed to that on October 4, 2001. Many speculate it was less a dream-state revelation and more an attempt to divorce himself from the controversial and trouble-making reputation he had developed under the "TTD" phase of his career.

2001 also saw Maitreya moving back to Europe and Germany, as he resettled in Munich and started his own independent record label, Sananda Records. The year also marked his first album release in six years, as the unreleased Terence Trent D'Arby's Soular Return was revamped into Wildcard. The album, which received a warm critical welcome, was at first available for free through his website, and later gained also a commercial release through a one-album distribution deal with Universal Music.

In 2002 Maitreya moved to Milan, Italy, and began working on his next project, Angels & Vampires - Volume I. Rough demo versions of the songs were initially released through Weedshare, allowing the fans to get a glimpse of the work as it evolved. In July 29, 2005, the fully mastered album was finally released through his webshop utilizing the mp3 format.

In July 2005 Maitreya started working on Angels & Vampires - Volume II, he released chapter after chapter online as soon he finished recording the songs. On April 29, 2006 he released the fully finished and mastered album in his webshop.

For more information, you can join Maitreya's MySpace page, with music available for sampling.

Friday, May 12, 2006 

The Vines - "AnySound"

Rotoscoping is a technique where animators trace live action movement, frame by frame, for use in animated cartoons. Originally, pre-recorded live-film images were projected onto a matte windowpane and redrawn by an animator. This projection equipment is called a Rotoscope.

The technique was invented by Max Fleischer, who used it in his series "Out of the Inkwell" starting around 1914, with his brother Dave Fleischer dressed in a clown outfit as the live-film reference for the character Koko the Clown.

Fleischer used rotoscope in a number of his later cartoons as well, most notably the Cab Calloway dance routines in three Betty Boop cartoons from the early 1930s, and the animation of Gulliver in Gulliver's Travels.

Walt Disney and his animators employed it carefully and very effectively in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, primarily used in the animation of Prince Charming. Rotoscoping was also used in many of Disney's subsequent animated feature films.

Here, animator Tennessee Reid Norton and company put the rotoscoping to fantastic use on a music video for "Anysound" by The Vines. (t/y Red Hatchet Films)



Since it's launch, The Big Gay Read has captured the public's imagination. From household names to more obscure titles, literally thousands of books have received votes during the campaign. Today, The Big Gay Read announces the winner - Tales Of The City by Armistead Maupin - and the rest of the nation's favourite Top Ten Lesbian & Gay Books.

2. Tipping The Velvet by Sarah Waters
3. Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson
4. Trumpet by Jackie Kay
5. Fingersmith by Sarah Waters
= Calendar Girl by Stella Duffy
= The Long Firm by Jake Arnott
6. At Swim, Two Boys by Jamie O'Neill
7. Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx
8. The Line Of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst
9. Carol by Patricia Highsmith
10. Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown
= Desert Of The Heart by Jane Rule
= Patrick Gale Rough Music
= Julia Darling Crocodile Soup

MySpace has a new rival - From Towleroad - AIM launched a major competitor to MySpace this week with AIM Pages, a new social networking site. This is huge, since MySpace is one of the top websites on the internet today, and since AIM is the widest-used instant-messaging program on the market. (from Gary - I'm finally just breaking up with Friendster, and now I have to deal with this!)

Am I the only person who a.) couldn't care less about this new Superman movie? b.) is tired of hearing about the digitally-reduced codpiece? c.) is no longer fooled when yawn-zines like The Advocate suggest an element of homosexuality in an upcoming movie on their cover, only to refute it entirely in the actual article with the execption of mentioning that the director, and maybe one of the assistant production accountants, is out and proud?? Despite the years that have passed since its release, very little can be done to improve on the Alexander Salkind-Christoper Reeve Superman and everyone knows it.

Bush approval rating falls to 29%. Any lower, and he'll be tied with New Coke and AYDS Diet Candy

Meet the world's first Grizzly bear-polar bear hybrid. How cool! Let's shoot it!

Thursday, May 11, 2006 

...When It's Easier to Pic than Post

Gary: "Michael, that little boy behind us said he wanted the gold dumbo."
Michael: "Then he can go stand at tne end of the line again and wait for it."

This is in front of the base of the Tarzan Treehouse, but I'm going to tell everyone I went to Hawaii. They'll believe it too, because it's just like me to go to Hawaii and wear a long-sleeved shirt and jeans the whole time!

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