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Gary Green

Tuesday, September 26, 2006 

Georgie's Wish - a Three Minute Short by Michael Granberry

Another fantastic film (if fantastic equals seemingly sweet and touching but ultimately ghoulish and macabre) from my boyfriend, Michael Granberry.

This is "Georgie's Wish." If you enjoy, please click the ad at the end of the film, which puts some coins into my Michael's pockets for more films and to take me out for cheeseburgers and martinis. And please leave your comments too! Enjoy!

More of Michael's work can be found at The Red Hatchet Films Movie Page

And if you would like to grab the movie for your own blog, Click here for the code!

LOL OMG Don't you hate it when the living dead come to the house and crash your parties? Such a bother really. Especially when they're dropping limbs on the floor during the meet and greet.

Great movie. Scary and funny and the same time.

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