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Gary Green

Thursday, September 07, 2006 

Kitty is PISSED!

Must have seen all the recent dog activity on my blog and decided a simple brush up against my leg wouldn't be enough. It's the Willy Loman of the feline world. ATTENTION MUST BE PAID! A CAT IS NOT AN ORANGE!

Via Cynical-C


John the Revelator: Unofficial Music Video Targeting You Know Who

Stingray City!

Obsessive Toilet Flushing Cat

...When Betty Chu and Her Amazing Angora Rabbits Nearly Stumped the Panel on "I've Got a Secret"

...When Bette Davis Kicks Faye Dunaway in the Teeth on The Tonight Show

How bout those stingrays! I'll bet you shit your pants when you heard about Steve Irwin and gave you an "I told you so!" to your partner.

omg, when i read about steve irwin's death i thought of your trip to stingray city. have ya told mg "i told you so" a thousand times yet or just accidentally hit him again and let it go?

lol @ cap'n marrrk's comment. must have been typing it while i was typing mine.

That is one pissed off kitty! I never knew a cat could make a sound like that....

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