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Gary Green

Wednesday, April 12, 2006 

...When I'm Watching Dallas with a Burnt Upper Lip from the Chicken I Had for Lunch

Don't say dwarf. Don't say midget. Don't say elf, Munchkin, pee-wee or sprite. The correct choice is "little people." Two little people KISS midget bands go head to head in Vegas for bragging right. Long live Joey Fatale! Los Angeles Times via my mom.

Now, I have never had a problem wiith Faye Dunaway, though she's been banned from my video store for verballly abusing the staff, and apprently (allegedly) through a copy of Ocean Drive at the head of the guy working the newsstand at the bookstore I managed. World of Wonder has obtained the several raving messages Faye left for a television producer developing a bio-pic on her life. So, she's a bitch. So, she's demanding. So, she's insistent that no one wants to hear her talking about Mommie Dearest. Whatever. I like her. I've always liked her. She doesn't take crap from anyone. But she really needs to get over Don Juan DeMarco, where she claims she played "opposite" Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando. Come on, Faye. You played the wife. Did your character even have a first name? Clearly, Anne Arhcer had the mumps that week.

I hate easter... I'm just sayin' (hiya Julie!)

Disneyland with Michael in 5 days. Meanwhile, check out DoomBuggies.com, the definitive cyber-home of everything Haunted Mansion

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