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Gary Green

Friday, June 09, 2006 

This is ForTheBoys.tv

Created by myself and producing partner Steve Jacobs, ForTheBoys.tv began in 2002 as a live streaming web show which ran three nights a week, for approximately three hours a night. The show was picked up by Out Tv (formerly PrideVision) in 2004 and continues to air.

The show combines live guests, live phone callers, a chat room, prize giveaways, with a few naughty twists here and there, plus animation segments created and produced by Michael Granberry and Red Hatchet Films. And then there is the closing theme which became more like our anthem after the first 150 shows.

And if anyone is interested, broadcast rights are still available for every place on the map except Canada.

The home page for the show is http://www.ForTheBoys.tv
Our page at Out Tv is http://outtv.ca/prog/fortheboys.asp
YouTube embedding code at http://youtube.com/watch?v=iP0fTuTZ-hk

Loved the promo G-man! Still as faboo as ever. =)


reading your intro i was curious about the closing theme. i didn't remember it at all, till it started. i, of course sang along.

great job on the video!

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