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Gary Green

Thursday, December 28, 2006 

Someone Knocked Up My Platy

I have a platy that appears to be pregnant. The little slut. MG was the first to notice that she seemed a little big around the middle, but it's hard to tell because everytime I go to look at her, she looks right back at me, making it nearly impossible to get a good view at her from the side. It's quite fustrating. I'm nearly at the point where I'm gonna reach in and pull the little bitch out by the tail so I can get a gander.

The platy gestation perion is about a month, so I'll have to just wait and see. On-line pages are totally useless in helping me decide for sure. Could be overfeeding, could be a parasite, could be stress, could be my dishwashing detergent.

Apparently, as the tramp gets closer to bringing forth its demon seed, its flesh will become so transparent I'll actually be able to see the eyes inside of her. Freaky! I hope it's the case. Every time I get a new platy the salesperson warns me that babies are sure to come - a lot of them, but after six months, all of them appear to be either barren, gay, or lazy.

Hi Gary!!!
Happy new year for you!!!
God bless you!


My platy is also pregnant, I put it today in a separate net "room". Good luck, daddy :)


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