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Gary Green

Sunday, March 12, 2006 

...When I Shelled Out Too Much Money for A Kodak Easy-Share Digital Camera and Started Taking Pictures of Things Right Away to Justify the Purchase

BEWARE OF BEST BUY! They will charge you 15% of the purchase price on any digital cameras you return. It's what they call a "re-stocking fee," and when I asked the overgrown knuckle-dragger at the return counter what exactly a "re-stocking fee" was he replied, "It's a 15% fee for re-stocking."

Hmm, thanks for that.

So I pushed with, "But what exactly does that mean?" Ug just looked at me as if I was asking him to piss into my mouth or escort me to the Renaissance Fair, "because when you open something... like a camera or a computer... you can use it and then bring it back." To that I said, "So it's to make up for the fact that the camera may or may not have been used?" and Ug said, "Yeah," so I said, "Does that mean the next person you sell that camera to gets 15% off and is told that it's re-stock?" Ug immediately dropped eye contact with me and starting looking anxiously around the store for a hero. Luckily for the man my boyfriend would politely refer to as a "morlock," I was too tired to stick him anymore with my poultry fork of reason. So I paid up, dumped my Fisher Price kiddie-cam, traded up to the Kodak, got rooked out of about thirty bucks, but left with my day's peace in tact. THE BEST PART is that all 5 of you who read my blog NOW get to see what my new camera can do...

The bookshelves in my living room, from the POV of me at my desk. If you click on the pic for a larger version and look closely, you can spot a Hitchcock Cameo.

The kitchen. Note that all the dishes are dirty with the exception of the martini glasses, which are always kept cleaned, stored, and ready to go.

I'm never goofing off for long before Z creeps out and lays the eyes of guilt upon my soul.

I'm surprised that someone who has retail experience (you) would treat someone in retail in such a manner. You should know that this guy doesn't care what the restocking fee is. They don't tell him during training. He's just told what to say with no explanation and he has to deal with the tooly customers (you?) when they come up. You should have given him a break and asked to berate a manager, who are trained to deal with you.


PS: Is Frank DeCaro allowed to discuss I've Got a Secret on his show? Because he does. He mentioned some of the secrets. I thought of calling him and asking, but I figured he wouldn't know for sure. I'm not trying to get him fired, or anything, I'm just asking. :)

Remember I didn't give him a hard time. I queried a little, sure, but I kept my pateince and just left. I have to imagine this is not the first time he or his co-workers have been asked about this bogus fee. I believe that it's up to the employee him/herself to get the answers he/she needs to do the job right, which is the policy I have always followed at Book Soup. Not only did this guy not have the answers, he seemed less than interested in finding someone who could. But you are right - I have been on the flip side of this before and it never feels good. I think I was more commenting on his lack of interest in helping me and the policy in general, and what better place than my blog to do it.

As for the secrets and Frank, please let me know if he's spilling the beans, because NO NO NO he does not have the say so to do that, but I'll bring it up to the exec producers if it's a real problem. Let me know what you have heard him reveal, and THANKS JAMIE!!! Miss you on FTB.

Ok, fair enough. I'm in retail right now, and people suck.

Frank has mentioned some things and actually had Suzanne Westenhoffer (sp?) on his show today and she told him not to tell the secrets. I can't recall anything specific he mentioned, he didn't really go into details, I think he was just mentioning some things that grossed him out, or whatever. I think now that Suzanne has ragged him out, he's hush up.

Speaking of For the Boys, I still watch it on OutTV. They're running the same 4 episodes endlessly (Harrison on the Edge, Lucy makes out with a Democrat, Twickles gives Gary an S for Satisfactory and another I can't recall off the top of my head). Every week, I check it to see if it's a new episode and my roommate becomes enraged when it's one he's seen before - I'd watch it again, but he refuses. I wrote to them to ask about potentially airing new episodes, if they have them, but they never got back to me.

Please keep sending your e-mails to Out.tv. There is only one reason why we aren't letting them play the next 7 episodes we have ready and that's because THEY HAVEN'T paid us. They're saying they'll have thier finances in order soon, and I'll certainly post here as soon as we get some money and send shows off. Thanks for hanging in there. Let me know if any "secrets" are revealed. You'll love the show. It's been lots of fun, and as soon as the epiosdes I produce air, I'll be able to talk all about the backstories. There's some funny stuff headed your way!!

I'm really looking forward to I've Got a Secret. My only concern is that Canada's Comedy Network won't air it, or will air it on a serious delay, like they do with other shows (I finally saw your episode of Distraction about two months after it aired in the US). Do you know about any deal Comedy Central has? Can you find out when I can expect to see the show in Canada? Or would it be easier for me to find out from the Canadian Comedy Network myself?

I'll Email OutTV today and demand that they make new FortheBoys episodes their highest priority... but in a nice way.

I've Got a Secret is for Game Show Network, not Comedy Central.

My mistake. Okay, I get GSN up here (it's not called Game Show Network anymore, so they can justify airing documentaries about Tonya Harding). So, um, I guess I've Got a Secret will be airing here at the same time it airs there. Groovy :)

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