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Gary Green

Sunday, March 26, 2006 

...When Michael Drunkenly Put the Eggs in the Freezer and We Couldn't Find Them the Next Morning

In all fairness, who hasn't made a bonehead move like this in an inebriated moment? And I could just easily blog about my own similar embarrassments with headlines like "...When Gary Drunkenly Put His Wallet in the Oven for Safekeeping," or "...When Gary Drunkenly Tried to Fix a Cabinet and Glued Three of his Fingers Together" or "...When Gary Drunkenly Ordered a Pizza and Forgot About Until Two Days Later When He Found it Under the Bed." Yes, I could talk about all those things, but it's just so much more satisfying to laugh at Michael. Besides, I had to go to work without breakfast!

If it weren't for the fact that I remember this episode all too well it would be easy to disavow ownership of that freezer, which usually contains only the ice trays and the vodka.

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