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Gary Green

Thursday, April 13, 2006 

...When I've Learned 2 Things: I Owe Over a Thousand Dollars in Taxes and I've Only Earned $6.44 Through My Website's AdSense Program

While smearing glue on the toilet seat in a bowling alley sounds funny, when the victim ends up being a three year-old girl who's barely potty trained, it really just becomes about the most hysterical story of the year. BBC News via Fark.

"Hey ya'll! Who all 'members that thar video game console from the 1980's called Intellvision? My boyfried from Georgia does! Shoot, he done remembers it good! God dawg, he 'members playing games in between catching armadillas in the yard, fetchin' pickles outta da barrel and whoopin' it up at the local pig pickin'! Say, who all else out there 'members Intellivision from the 1980's? Huh? Intellvision? How 'bowt it, ya'll? Ya'll? Ya'll????" - Cool Kids Owned Atari

World's Ugliest Dog finalists! I have spoken to several of the owners, and they take this thing VERY seriously. Someone ought to shoot a documentary on this competition. Memo to Michael Granberry: break out your camera and your Snausages. You can vote for your favorite here or you can pay your respects to Sam, the recently-deceased three time champion. I had the pleasure of meeting Sam and his owner, Susie Lockheed, several weeks before Sam went on to ugly dog heaven, and boy did she love that pooch. As Michael observed, it was a true "Beauty and the Beast" story!

Never been a big fan of Kylie Minogue, but I'm happy to hear she's beating cancer, even happier that she looks so good sporting the post-cancer head shave, but happiest that she's dating that Unfaithful sex god Olivier Martinez. From Queerty

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