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Gary Green

Sunday, May 07, 2006 

...When I'm Getting My First Ever Professional Massage Today

Feral children, also known as wild children or wolf children, are children who've grown up with minimal human contact, or even none at all. They may have been raised by animals (often wolves) or somehow survived on their own. In some cases, children are confined and denied normal social interaction with other people. FeralChildren.com via Cynical-c

Radio Rivendell is a non-commercial, non-profiting web radio station dedicated to playing the best fantasy music there is. 24 hours a day, all year around. Yes, the site was designed to accompany role-playing games, but it also works quite well for soundtracking reading and creative writing sessions. RadioRivendell.com - take a listen here

9 Ft, 550 Lb shark caught off coast of Great Britain with a simple fishing rod. Check out the pics here.

Please, please, PLEASE try to get an adult feral child on "I've Got A Secret" if it gets picked up for another season! I would love to watch the panel try to guess "I was raised by a flock of ostriches."

sweet "fsm" you've no idea how hard it is to not just copy and paste all the cool links you share!

lol, and agreeing with mg, an adult feral child would be brilliant on "i've got a secret".

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