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Gary Green

Thursday, May 04, 2006 

...When I'm All Shook Up Because Libby is Dead

Sometimes I post pics just to lure you in. The introductory blog pic is essential to capturing a higher average view time. This is the work of Chris Doane, a freelance photographer. That's really all I know about him. I can't think about anything else today but last night's episode of LOST. For more of Chris Doane's pics, click here - ChrisDoane.net

ana lucia is dead, she'd made peace. libby, i'm not so sure. maybe the blankets saved her. also, what if she had the wine too and it was in cans.

I hope you're right. I like Libby a lot, but I know that Cynthia Watros has been potentially signed as a regular on a CBS sitcom pilot for the fall, so perhaps thought the end for Libby has not yet arrived, it is on the way. I was just getting to like Ana Lucia too, so I'm sad to see her go. Why don't they do away with "Useless Charlie?" There'd be dancing in the streets.

charlie was loveable in the first season, but i agree he should die. but only because you mentioning him put that horrible song in my head.

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