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Gary Green

Saturday, May 06, 2006 

...When Avenue Q Palywright Jeff Whitty Responded to My Letter

Jeff Whitty wrote an open letter to Jay Leno several weeks ago, calling him out on the tasteless gay jokes in his monololgue. I found Jeff Whitty's letter to be more than a bit offensive, not just to Jay Leno, but comedy writers and gay people as well.

I am not a fan of Jay, but I am a comedy writer and I am gay. I also relish opportunities to suggest that people lighten up. So I wrote a letter to Jeff, calling him out on picking easy targets and playing the gay bashing card in order to make a point that had nothing to do with violence or intolerance. I became more than just a little anxious after hitting the send button, because Jeff's letter had really made the rounds on the web, and was, as far as I could find, unanimously supported and on some sites, even celebrated.

I received a respone from Jeff a day later. In it, he thanked me for my thoughts and was very gracious. He also specifically asked me not to publish his response to me on my website. He did write a follow-up to the whole experience on his own site, so I'm linking that below.

Gays who can't take a joke where they're the punchline should not be working in, of all places, the entertainment business, where it's standard operating procedure to whore your values for a dime and say whatever will get you the most 18 to 34's.

Touchy gays, go take a nap.

My posting with Jeff's original letter and my response can be found here - My Blog Entry

Jeff's follow-up can be found here (srcoll down to the lower half of the page - Whitless.com

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