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Gary Green

Tuesday, June 27, 2006 

...When Panelist Jermaine Taylor Loses His Mind Over Martha Wash (It's Raining Men) on "I've Got a Secret"

"I've Got a Secret" airs weeknights on GSN (formerly Game Show Network). Click Here for more information.

There were numerous meetings during production on "I've Got a Secret" where the producers pitched celeb names that would have a particular appeal to the gay audience and someone that the show's all-gay panel would enjoy. Someone in the room (I wish it was me, but it wasn't) pitched the name Martha Wash, one-half of the Weather Girls, whose anthem "It's Raining Men" has been burning up dance floors since the mid-eighties. Being that I was the only gay producer on the show, one of the execs, Jean Weigman, turned to me and said, "Gary, do you think the panel would know who Martha Wash is?"

As you can see, the panel more than knows who Matha Wash is. Jermaine Taylor nearly tears the set apart trying to get to her. I particularly enjoy Martha's sexy-ass voice. One of the best segments we did, and certainly one that got the audience hopped on the show. Martha capped it off with a live performance of "It's Raining Men," and I gyrated around back stage as only a gay white man could. Please enjoy the video and pass it along.

Embedded Video code can be found on the vid's YouTube page: Click Here!

Great show.....great singer ... she's wonderful!!

great vid, loved jermaines reaction.

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