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Gary Green

Tuesday, August 01, 2006 

Ty Treadway, Lisa Rinna and Calendar Hunks. One of These People Can Keep Their Shirt On

Men of Mortuaries is the brainchild of California funeral home director Ken McKenzie, whose calendar of 12 bodybuilder morticians will benefit breast cancer patients. McKenzie, whose sister is a breast cancer survivor, said he wanted to find a way to help patients struggling with finances.

According to McKenzie: "Whenever you hear about a funeral director it's a guy in a suit in the corner with a hump on their back. The hardest part was finding 12 attractive funeral directors. That just doesn't happen. This industry is just not known for that." (via Towleroad)

The sad news that after four seasons, SOAPnet has decided NOT to renew its nightly gabber Soap Talk means that now I, along with at least 18 other people across the country will have to finally get off the couch and maybe go get a few minutes of fresh air and exercise, at least until SoapNet replaces it with a nightly repeat of Passions (Come on, people! They have a mermaid!). On the upside, Ty Treadway is now free to return to the shirtless world of daytime tv where he belongs. And Lisa Rinna? Luckily she has her lips to fall back on.

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