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Gary Green

Friday, July 21, 2006 

...When the Reviews Are In

You have been warned.

"The portentous tone, glacial pacing, faux-mythic inspirational themes and Ed Wood-level dialogue are all present and accounted for, but his much-vaunted storytelling skills are nowhere to be found." The Star Telegram

"Lady in the Water challenges us to believe in the power of myth. But the big challenge here is surviving the tedium of Shyamalan's meandering inventiveness. What's supposed to be fanciful storytelling is really just audience punishment." Salon.com

"The movie is a muddle, burdened with too many characters and a sorry lack of thrills, flair and coherence." Rolling Stone

"Shyamalan's most alienating and self-absorbed project to date." Entertainment Weekly

"Hollywood cannot pollute the ozone with anything more idiotic, contrived, amateurish or sub-mental than Lady in the Water." New York Observer

Not since Who's That Girl?, I tell ya!

... Night, Night!

Wow. Thanks for saving me 12 bucks this weekend.

reckon that the new york observer's reviewer hasn't seen "little man" yet.

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