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Gary Green

Wednesday, August 02, 2006 

...When Elizabeth Hasselbeck Melted Down on The View

This morning's The View, in which Elizabeth Hasselbeck presents the standard second-grade attack on post-fertilization birth control, and Barbara provides the standard second-grade defense for it. Fun if for nothing else just to watch LizFreak get reprimanded (again second-grade style), and to watch Mother Superior awkwardly spit out "sex pervert" as if we don't all know she's the freakiest one at the table. And when the hell is Lisa Loeb gonna ditch those glasses and get Lasix?

And the aftermath via Perez Hilton. I can't wait to watch Liz and Rosie go at it in the fall!

I'm a pro-choice Liberal, but I think the point of the show is to present a variety of opinions. I think that Elizabeth is very sincere in her beliefs and I think that she may be more progressive on other issues. That is why I find it appalling to see all the hatred directed toward her on the web.

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