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Gary Green

Thursday, January 04, 2007 

Ellen Degeneres Meets a 20 Foot Anaconda

Sometimes I watch television and find myself fitfully jealous of talk show hosts. Other times I watch and say to myself, "Not for all the money in the world!"

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is currently counting down its best moments from 2006. The top five vote getters will air this Friday. This one gets my vote not just as my favorite moment from Ellen for 2006, but for daytime television in general.

I can't quite decide which part gets me the most. Ellen launching with tough talk and ending with a mad dash across the back of the stage? Jeff Corwin's crack about the gender of the snake? The fear that produces the awkward sentence, "Well it's got it near my arm?" Or the big hair lady in the audience at the 1:18 mark. What do you think?

This one will probably make the countdown too. Check out Ellen's very authentic reaction when she holds her own against Tiger Woods.

Ellen will be hosting the 79th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday, February 25. Based on what she manages in these two clips, I don't think she'll have any problem carrying the show with all the class and humor needed.

She's got balls for even touching that thing. And now she's got the rest of the equipment to go with it. I LOVE ELLEN! She laughs at herself and that's a great way to live.

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