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Gary Green

Thursday, April 20, 2006 

...When Michael Left for Georgia for Five Whole Days

From Towleroad comes this footage which may or not be from MEG, the new megaladon movie coming from New Line Cinema. I showed the footage to Michael, animator extraordinaire, and he was duly impressed. You will be too when you watch the video by clicking here, from the Flowline website.. And a quick blurb on the video's origins can be found here.

You can't be my age and not remember Dragon's Lair, the cartoon video game which was the first to take -- wait for it -- TWO QUARTERS instead of one in order to play. I must have fed hundreds of dollars into my local machine down at Bourbon Street Liquor in Santa Ana. I used to invite my friends over on Saturday and have my mom drive us there so we could spend the whole day trying to master it.

Unlike most of the other popular arcade machines at the time, you could actually WIN this game. Of course, I always thought that if you did, you should at least get your fifty cents back, but instead, the final screen would freeze for several seconds with some sort of congratulatory remark and then simply reset for the next dumb kid.

It was my mission in life to conquer this game and make it my bitch, but I was never able to win, despite buying all the magazines and books revealing the joystick moves required. Yet another notch of my failure belt. Nevertheless when I saw Militant Platypus had a link to the original game in its entire run-through I realized as I watched it, I could pretend I was actually playing it and claim victory for myself at last.

You may think it's silly of me to be holding on to such an infantile and simplistic dream, but you're reading the blog of a man who does victory laps around the house whenever he manages to purchase Boardwalk.

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