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Gary Green

Saturday, April 15, 2006 

...When the Burn on My Upper Lip is Scabbing Over and People are Silently Deciding I Have Herpes (Cleaning Hunk)

Three cheers for the Cleaning Hunk! Not only is the viral campaign a huge success, but I'm getting a staggering number of Yahoo and Google referrals for my earlier posts here, here, and here. I'd like to think I was well ahead of the curve on the Cleaning Hunk, for what that's worth, which is not much other than Michael's going to have to hear all about if for the entire 2 hour drive to my folks' house on Easter.

Designer Soda! Pushing buttons on the side of the bottle releases desired flavorings, addidtives, and caffeine levels into the carbonated water. What will they think of next? Seriously, I want to know what they'll think of next, because this does not sound yummy. Cleaning Hunk - via Neatorama

For Douglas Richard Shaw, cabbie for the Big Daddy Taxi Company, fame comes a-knockin' in the form of Ben Folds (who is not the Cleaning Hunk) - Lansing State Journal via Fark

Apple makes little girl cry by sending her a threat letter after she submits iPod suggestions to Steve Jobs. Apple makes Gary Green cry with tedious ethernet intsallation instructions and $100 a year for a mac account - CBS 5

Teen People reports that Bow Wow and Ciara end their relationship. In equally compelling news, I over-salted my corn last night. Monsters and Critics

Michael Granberry turns 27 again on Tuesday. Michael Granberry Google Image Results and Red Hatchet Films

lol @ over salting your corn.

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