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Gary Green

Sunday, May 14, 2006 

More Pics from Tim Devine's Disney Photo Blog

I'm so in love with my own personal pics from DL, until I hit Tim's blog and see some really spectactular shots captured. I will alawys be something of an amateur compared to him.

Check out Tim's newly revised site and be sure to check out all his archives for an endless surplus of Fantastic Disney pics. He's got a great eye!

thanks again for the nice complements, gary. it's really nice to see that one has fans out there in cyberland.

:SIGH: I love Disney World! We are saving money so we can go back. Love the pics. Last night I was there a few new rides were opening up. One is the Expiditiona dn one in Epcot, I forget what its called. Its a flying ride.

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