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Gary Green

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 

...It's 4:15 in the Morning and My Digital Cable isn't Working

From The Boston Globe - Tim Andreadis was the dark horse in Dartmouth College's contest for the student body president. He was a write-in candidate who championed reduced student government spending, while his opponents offered the popular plank of preserving the Greek system. Last month, he won, taking more than half of the ballots cast in the four-way race. But more stunning to some is that Andreadis is an openly gay student, the first to win the post at a college known for a conservative streak. Full story

Angel Tolentino was a guest on last night's episode of Secret. Her secret? "I paint with my breasts." By this point in the run of the series, the panel has gotten wise, and when given the clue, "Angel has an unusual artistic talent," they went right for the breasts and snagged her in about five questions. No matter, she was one of our favorites, and quite a cutie too. All proceeds from her work go directly to breast cancer research. Check out her fun paitnings at BreastPals.com

Spoilers for TONIGHT's episode of LOST below. If you don't want to know what becomes (or doesn't become) of Libby, DO NOT CLICK BELOW! In fact, SCROLL NO FURTHER!

Whoa... black background and yellow text... my eyes hurt. I liked your posts, maybe another color than yellow though please? :D

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