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Gary Green

Tuesday, May 02, 2006 

...When Soap Hunks Justin Bruening and Colin Egglesfield Took It Off on the Basketball Court

While many blogs will throw up a pic of a hot body for no reason other than a shameless bid to increase visitor time and return hits on their stat reports, I believe that the display of the human physique, although beautiful in itself, really should only be done if an angle of cultural enrichment can be found within. Therefore, please enjoy these screen caps of All My Children's finely-tuned Justin Bruening and Colin Egglesfield sweating it up late-night on the basketball court, followed by a picture of Dianne Weist, who has won two Oscars, numerous awards for her work on stage, and is without a doubt a national treasure.

What's in THE BOX?? (13 secs)
Find out by clikcing below! If you like what you see, click the ad at the end and send thirty cents into the pocket of my boyfriend, Michael Granberry, and his one-man animation company, Red Hatchet Films! Enjoy! (needs Quicktime)

Yeah.. thanks for that. Reminds me why I'll never be a TV star..

Very nice! I like it. insurance depreciation

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