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Gary Green

Thursday, June 29, 2006 

...When I Fell Alseep Sitting Upright on the Couch with My Mouth Hanging Open the Way My Grandfather Used to While Watching Trapper John, MD

The Johnny Depp enhanced Pirates of the Caribbean has now officially opened at Disneyland. According to LaughingPlace.com, lines for the attraction are extending out of New Orleans Square, through Frontierland and into Main Street! Even Pirate purists like myself can't deny the spectacular payoff the park will see as a result of what it claims are only minor alterations.

Re-vamping every nook and cranny of the park, along with re-wrapping attraction exits to forcibly dump guests into plush-toy feeding zones is clearly inevitable. There's no going back to 1955. The best we can hope for is that future movies developed out of Disneyland rides will fall flat, though in the case of The Country Bears success could have saved the corresponding Country Bear Jamboree from extinction.

At least there's no Animatronic Eddie Murphy in The Huanted Mansion.

A 2-minute promotional movie for the "enhanced" (don't say "changed") attraction can be found at LaughingPlace.com where I stole the pics.

at my old job i used to have 'backdoor' access to amusement parks, zoos, sports arenas, etc. didja know that, for a fee, some people can get a behind the scenes operations tour? there's a lot of thought and effort in the disney experience. next time you go try and find a burned out light bulb. they're replaced on a schedule b4 they burn out.

Any leads on where I can get my hands on one of those animatronic Johnny Depps??

Lordy I'll never leave the house.


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