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Gary Green

Friday, July 14, 2006 

...When Looking Back Certain Things About Me Were Just Plain Obvious

Click Here for Naked Boys Singing in the Shower

Sign that boy up for soccer fast!
Although, it does suit him. The panache is undeniable!

In truth, I can almost remember my mother TELLING ME TO POSE LIKE THAT, and when it comes time to picking out a nursing home, and it's a choice between a nice airy hospice in New Haven or a converted tire factory in Inglewood making monthly payoffs to the health inspector, I'll have my revenge

Very Cute Matty and His Very Cute Friends via Hunk duJour. Thanks Chris!

Today is Cow Appreciation Day!

Lance Bass Spotted at Gay Bar! In other earth-shattering news, my cats like to sleep, saran wrap often sticks to itself, and my neice got a haircut

It looks like Grampy was an enabler. =)


I have a picture from when I was about the same age... Much better color it being so many years later, but I have the same type of "gay kid" pose. I do not think my mother had to ask me to pose like that.

I guess mine is nature!!!


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