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Gary Green

Sunday, July 09, 2006 

...When the Naked Boys Left Their Songbooks for Maude with Their Pants

Wet Talent #2, the naked shower salute to MAUDE, originally from ForTheBoys. Enjoy your Monday!

YouTubeLink to Wet Talent - MAUDE
Click Here for ForTheBoys.tv
Click Here to advance to the ForTheBoys TV demo
Click Here for the naked shower salute to The Jeffersons theme song
Click Here to Watch Dominic Monaghan Taking a Shower

If Bea Arthur were sober right now, she’d be up in arms over this! Funny, guys.

Me thinks it's a tad suspect that you keep going down below my dear. Um, I hate to tell you this...but you've got something at the corner of your mouth just there. LOL
I wish I was that comfortable with my naked self.

Did they change a lyric to "first brown burner" instead of "first bra burner"?

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