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Gary Green

Thursday, January 25, 2007 

30 Rock is Great!

I wish more people would watch this show so when I reference jokes from it people don't tilt their heads to the side and furrow their brows like a confused terrier.

CNN's got a great article about the show on their site right now, and Tina Fey is co-hosing The View this morning (Joy Behar makes a cameo on 30 Rock tonight). I'd wish NBC would drop the show into some other timeslots so people can sample it. Right now, the only people who seem to know how funny it is are me and my boyfriend, who does the BEST Tracy Morgan: "Bread will never maybe attack your brain again!"

Hi Gary!!! How are you???
Have a nice sunday, ok!!!
Bye!! :D

I havent watched an entire episode yet, but what I saw of last week with Paul Rubens was hil-fucking-larious. So now I have to start.

I have got my minions taping the show for me. I caught an episode and laughed with my mouth open. Got's to gets me some more of that. And what is not to love about Alec Baldwin?

Confused terrier? I thought it was "like a confused golden retreiver"?

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