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Gary Green

Monday, January 22, 2007 

Ian Ziering is Coming to Dancing with the Stars

During the 90210 reign in the 90's it was never a question of Dylan or Brandon for me, but rather whether or not hunky Ian Ziering was gonna take his shirt off and sweat it up on the football field with his frat brothers. Ian is one of those guys that will always looks good no matter how he ages. It's all in his eyes and his smile. Would that we all could have been so graciously blessed by the Lord above. Now, Ian will be brining those lovely attributes, along with a few others below the neck to the next season of Dancing with the Stars, filling the "washed-up stud on the road to career redemption via the reality comeback trail" category. Can't wait to see how my boy fills out those tight little chinos as he swings those hips from one end of my forty-inch LCD to the other. Can't wait!

And if anyone has any shirtless pics of the lovely Ian just burning a hole in your hard drive, please send them my way!

Ian and Cheryl get my vote! They always look fantastic and give every dance their 100%. Ian is not a professional dancer like Joey Fatone, or a professional athlete like Apolo or Laila, so he comes to the show at a disadvantage to them. But yet he stays up with them in talent. A week ago he received six straight "9s" from the judges, so he definitely has the potential to win. I hope he surprises everyone by giving us his best performances in the next two weeks and capturing the trophy. If you like Ian and Cheryl, please do your part to vote for them on Monday -- vote 4 times for each phone number and 4 times online. Also, Ian has really cool videos on his websites at www.IanZiering.com and www.MySpace.com/OfficialIZ and there you can sign up to receive his fun email blasts.

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