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Gary Green

Thursday, January 04, 2007 

RIP Megan Mullally Show

If you haven't caught it, you've got about three weeks left. This show was DOA form the get-go and for very good reason. I'm probably one of the biggest Megan fans out there, but anyone who saw her guest host on The Late Show when Letterman was sick already knew that the talk forum did not suit her vast talents.

I still can't figure out why a network didn't sign her to a prime time development deal. Is it becuse of her age? Is she destined to a line of unfunny supermarket commercials like Patricia Heaton?

If Megan wants to do something out of the sit-com mold, I think she would do a great job as a scene-chewing bitch on a prime time soap. Before Will & Grace let her start winking to the audience every other moment, she was delivering one-liners with a wicked slither. Maybe I'll just have to write something for her myself. In the meantime, it's off to TV Jail you go, Megan Mullally. See you in 2008! Below you can check out the absolute very best the Megan Mullally Show ever had to offier... the promos. They should have just run these instead of premiering the show.

Freaking bad show. But Meagan rocks anyway. LOL at television jail. She can be cell mates with Matt Leblanc.

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