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Gary Green

Monday, April 24, 2006 

...How Much You Mind That It's Monday Morning...

Tim Devine is in law enforcement in New Jersey, and an avid photographer. His blog Tim Devine's Disney Photo Blog is a fantastic collection of images from the Disney parks, some of the best I've ever seen, and certainly on par with the professionally-shot images Disney uses for their own postcards. They really ought to think about hiring this guy. His work captrues all the color and imagination of the park designers, without a single hint of the commercial blitz that's swept through so much of the Disney properties. Here you will see not a Pooh plush kiosk in site, but instead pages of dazzling reminders of why the Disney parks deserve every penny we pay for admission. His link is on my blog roll, and you can also click to it here.. Below are some of my favorite pictures, re-posted with Tim's permision.

yeah, i hear he has quite a blog :)
gary, thanks for the compliments and the kind words. it's really nice to get some recognition on a labor of love and i really appreciate it. your site is quite nice also and i will regularly check back with you as well. i find your posts entertaining and irreverent, something that's quite lacking today. thanks again.

too bad he's a pompous ass who believes he's the only person in the world that can take a great photo ... especially when he's using expensive gear. take his site with a grain of salt.

grain of salt people - grain of salt

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