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Gary Green

Monday, July 17, 2006 

My Cat Hates You

...but you probably get that a lot. Click here for a gallery of bad-ass felines that would send a pack of dobermans away in tears!

Visit What Jeff Killed, a site dedicated to Jeff The Giant Orange Cat and his favorite pastime: killing things.

Naked Shower Boys Singing MAUDE
Click Here for ForTheBoys.tv
Click Here to advance to the ForTheBoys TV demo
Click Here for the naked shower salute to The Jeffersons theme song
Click Here to Watch Dominic Monaghan Taking a Shower

I'm not sure if your cat hates me or if it's just diseased ;)

Crazy eyes on that photo.

first cat on the second row reminds me of meryl streep in following clip from "the devil wears prada", when she says "no no it wasn't a question".


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